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2D,2.5D,3D Engraving in Advertising

2021-02-06 13:08:01

3D cutting, engraving and machining can be used in varies of projects, such as woodworking, advertising, etc.
This section is intended to help you to clarify the difference between 2D, 2.5D, and 3D, and assist you to use them in advertising.
Typically, 2D is a flat outline of something we want to cut out. It includes the 2D cutting and 2D engraving, which is widely used in a variety of billboard production. Here are some samples and video of our CNC router cutting acrylic:  


The fudge 3D things can be built up with layers with 2D techniques. A project like a contour map with distinct Z-axis layers is one example; another one is the assembled dinosaur.


This 2.5D work starts off as a 2D design in principle, but during the process of creating the tool path or cutting file you will typically assign a depth or multiple depths for the tool's motion to cut features like grooves or flat pockets. When the software generates the part file, the instructions will first move the CNC tool to the assigned cutting depth (in the Z axis), then move the cutter through the XY tool path at that depth, and then return to the starting height with a straight pull-up. Thus, when the file is finished, the cutting tool has moved in three dimensions (X, Y and Z), but all the X and Y axis motion is in a single plane and the X and Y axes stop when the Z axis plunges or pulls up. So, for the case of this example, the drawing and design process are fundamentally 2D. Standard cabinetmaking would be a good example of such a 2D or 2.5D project.
V-carving(2.5D) is a great way to add an impressive look to your lettering or sign work and decorative wood carvings. Importantly, because the layout process is still in 2D, it is relatively easy to create the designs, and from a production point of view v-carved letters can be cut fairly quickly.
If you are a professional signmaker or woodcarver, you are probably already aware of the importance of v-carving to your work.
Full 3D CNC involves both designing in 3D and - during cutting - simultaneous CNC motion in X, Y, and Z axes. In 3D, your CNC cutter tip follows paths at 3D angles or in 3D curves in order to mill or carve complex shapes into the material. In 2.5D, your cutter may have been moving in 3D in situations like v-carving, but you were still thinking (designing) in 2D. In order to do fully sculptural 3D, you are going to need to think and design in 3D. This is harder and frequently more expensive than 2D, but takes full advantage of your CNC tool's capabilities to produce fully contoured shapes milled to your specifications. The shapes that you can machine are nearly unlimited and adding even a small amount of true 3D to a project can uniquely distinguish it.


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